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  1. newto.jpg

    You can transform at Magic Anvil the old/new skin weapons with the scrolls in the Charon.
    Silahlarınızı Charon'da bulunan scrollar ile Magic Anvil'de eski/yeni görüntüye dönüştürebilirsiniz.

    Hell Breaker

    Dark Vane

    Enion Bow

    Chitin Bow

    Wreath of Erenion

    Lightning Erenion

    Glacier Erenion

    Smite Hammer



    Iron Bow

    Totamic Spear

    Deep Scar

    Iron Impact

    Elixir Staff

  2.  22.07.2021 Changelog

    • Merchant Token item drops rates fixed.
    • Chaos Stone Bosses item drops rate increased little more.
    • Doom Knight item drops rate increased little more.
    • Power of Lion Scroll(Stat)(S) removed from Special MYKO Box drops.
    • Old Warrior Pendant, Old Secret-Silver Earring, Old White-Silver Earring, Old Silver Earring to normal accessory problem fixed.



    Talos: 3-5 Hours

    Snake Queen: 3-5 Hours

    Troll King: 3-4 Hours

    Harpy Queen: 3-4 Hours

    Samma: 4-5 Hours

    Shaula: 4-5 Hours

    Dragon Tooth: 2-3 Hours

    Deruvish Founder: 2-4 Hours

    -El Morad Castle & Luferson Castle-

    Attila : 2-5 Hours

    Antares: 2-5 Hours

    Hyde: 2-5 Hours


    Kekurikekukaka: 2-4 Hours

    -Colony Zone-

    Lobo: 2-3 Hours

    Lupus: 2-3 Hours

    Lycaon: 2-3 Hours

    Barkirra: 2-4 Hours

    Lesath: 2-4 Hours

    Shaula: 3-4 Hours

    Orc Bandit Leader: 3-4 Hours

    Duke : 3-4 Hours

    Bach: 3-4 Hours

    Bishop: 3-4 Hours

    Samma: 2-3 Hours

    Javana: 2-3 Hours

    bone collecter: 3-4 Hours

    Barrk: 3-4 Hours

    Orc Bandit Officer: 3-4 Hours



    20.07.2021 Changelog

    • Werewolf, Lycan, Loup-garou, Dark Eyes, Dire Wolf +8 Weapon drop rates increased.
    • Opal, Crude Sapphire, Crystal drop rates increased. (Grell, Stinger, Death Knight best drop rate)
    • Opal, Crude Sapphire, Crystal prices reduced.
    • Gavolt Wing, Low quality jewel, Zombie Eyes, Blood of Glyptodont, Bezoar of Glyptodont prices reduced.
    • +1 accessory upgrade activated.
    • 14/2 accessory upgrade activated.
    • +8 item upgrade activated



    Full Plate Armors:
    Skeleton, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Champion, Death Knight, Ash Knight, Lamia, Lamiros, Lamentation

    Cleaver, Bardish, Iron Crossbow, Totamic Club
    Lamia, Lamiros, Lamentation, Dragon Tooth Skeleton

    Chitin Armors:
    Stone Golem, Giant Golem, Dark Stone, Dark Mare

    Troll, Troll Warrior, Troll Berserker, Troll Captain

    Mirage Dagger:
    Harpy, Raven Harpy, Crimson Wing, Falcon

    +9 Accessory
    Shadow, Wraith, Ghost Warrior, Black Widow (Slots behind CZ town)

    Blessed Upgrade Scroll, Blessed Enchant Scroll etc.
    Blood Seeker(CZ), Beast(CZ), Cardinal(CZ), Uruk Hai, Uruk Blade, Uruk Tron

    Opal, Crude Sapphire, Crystal:
    GRELL (High Drop Rate)
    Scorpion Family (High Drop Rate)
    Skeleton Family (High Drop Rate)
    Zombie Family (Low Drop Rate)
    Smilodon Family (Low Drop Rate)


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