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  1. 01.08.2021 Changelog Moradon mobs exprience amount increased. Chitin Pad drop rates are little more increased. HolyLand event activated. Parasite skill fixed.
  2. 24.07.2021 Changelog New Style Shard, New Style Dark Vane visual problem fixed. New to Old Style Scroll, Old to New Style Scroll added to Charon.
  3. You can transform at Magic Anvil the old/new skin weapons with the scrolls in the Charon. Silahlarınızı Charon'da bulunan scrollar ile Magic Anvil'de eski/yeni görüntüye dönüştürebilirsiniz. Hell Breaker Dark Vane Enion Bow Chitin Bow Wreath of Erenion Lightning Erenion Glacier Erenion Smite Hammer Raptor Shard Iron Bow Totamic Spear Deep Scar Iron Impact Elixir Staff
  4. 22.07.2021 Changelog Merchant Token item drops rates fixed. Chaos Stone Bosses item drops rate increased little more. Doom Knight item drops rate increased little more. Power of Lion Scroll(Stat)(S) removed from Special MYKO Box drops. Old Warrior Pendant, Old Secret-Silver Earring, Old White-Silver Earring, Old Silver Earring to normal accessory problem fixed.
  5. 21.07.2021 Changelog Bow durabilities increased. Boss spawn times revised. https://forum.ragemyko.com/index.php?/topic/88-boss-respawn-times-boss-doğma-süreleri/
  6. -Eslant- Talos: 3-5 Hours Snake Queen: 3-5 Hours Troll King: 3-4 Hours Harpy Queen: 3-4 Hours Samma: 4-5 Hours Shaula: 4-5 Hours Dragon Tooth: 2-3 Hours Deruvish Founder: 2-4 Hours -El Morad Castle & Luferson Castle- Attila : 2-5 Hours Antares: 2-5 Hours Hyde: 2-5 Hours -Moradon- Kekurikekukaka: 2-4 Hours -Colony Zone- Lobo: 2-3 Hours Lupus: 2-3 Hours Lycaon: 2-3 Hours Barkirra: 2-4 Hours Lesath: 2-4 Hours Shaula: 3-4 Hours Orc Bandit Leader: 3-4 Hours Duke : 3-4 Hours Bach: 3-4 Hours Bishop: 3-4 Hours Samma: 2-3 Hours Javana: 2-3 Hours bone collecter: 3-4 Hours Barrk: 3-4 Hours Orc Bandit Officer: 3-4 Hours
  7. 20.07.2021 Changelog Werewolf, Lycan, Loup-garou, Dark Eyes, Dire Wolf +8 Weapon drop rates increased. Opal, Crude Sapphire, Crystal drop rates increased. (Grell, Stinger, Death Knight best drop rate) Opal, Crude Sapphire, Crystal prices reduced. Gavolt Wing, Low quality jewel, Zombie Eyes, Blood of Glyptodont, Bezoar of Glyptodont prices reduced. +1 accessory upgrade activated. 14/2 accessory upgrade activated. +8 item upgrade activated https://forum.ragemyko.com/index.php?/topic/9-upgrade-rates-upgrade-oranlar%C4%B1/
  8. *You need to collect 3 of the same accessory *3 tane aynı takıdan toplamanız gerekir +0 to +1 Accessory = %50 [100.000.000M Required] Old to Normal Accessory = %50 [50.000.000M Required] +9 to +10 Accessory = %100 [FREE] +10 to +12 Accessory = %70 [FREE] +12 to +14 Accessory = %35 [FREE]
  9. +Mage 33 area skills fixed. +Exp soul exchange problem fixed. +Delos Acessory box monsters removed. +PK Collection race activeted. +Holyland activeted.
  10. ELIT PREMIUM ● %100 EXP Bonus ● +20 NP Speed Scroll, 1500 Buff Scroll, 300 Defense Scroll, Attack Scroll, 5K HP Potion, 5k MP Potion, Trina WAR PREMIUM ● %30 EXP Bonus ● +15 NP Speed Scroll, 1500 Buff Scroll, 300 Defense Scroll, Attack Scroll, Lion Scroll
  11. Full Plate Armors: ● Skeleton, ● Skeleton Knight, ● Skeleton Champion, ● Death Knight, ● Ash Knight, ● Lamia, ● Lamiros, ● Lamentation Cleaver, Bardish, Iron Crossbow, Totamic Club ● Lamia, ● Lamiros, ● Lamentation, ● Dragon Tooth Skeleton Chitin Armors: ● Stone Golem, ● Giant Golem, ● Dark Stone, ● Dark Mare Glave: ● Troll, ● Troll Warrior, ● Troll Berserker, ● Troll Captain Mirage Dagger: ● Harpy, ● Raven Harpy, ● Crimson Wing, ● Falcon +9 Accessory ● Shadow, ● Wraith, ● Ghost Warrior, ● Black Widow (Slots behind CZ town) Blessed Upgrade Scroll, Blessed Enchant Scroll etc. ● Blood Seeker(CZ), ● Beast(CZ), ● Cardinal(CZ), ● Uruk Hai, ● Uruk Blade, ● Uruk Tron Opal, Crude Sapphire, Crystal: ● GRELL (High Drop Rate) ● Scorpion Family (High Drop Rate) ● Skeleton Family (High Drop Rate) ● Zombie Family (Low Drop Rate) ● Smilodon Family (Low Drop Rate) Myko
  12. 10x BDW Medal + 100x Merchant Token = BDW Necklace 10x BDW Medal + 100x Merchant Token = BDW Belt Merchant Token from Merchant event BDW Medal from BDW win or lose u get 1x medal
  13. You can buy Auto Loot Scroll(10x Pack) from Power Up Store 1x scroll time durability 60 minutes. Powe Up Store'dan satın alabilirsiniz, oto kutu moradonda çalışmaz!!
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